How to Choose Women’s Clothing

In a woman’s wardrobe, basics are timeless.

Finding a flattering style of clothing for your shape can be such a challenge. It is important to find your “ideal fit” in dressing rooms bysampling various brands and silhouettes from a variety of stores.  Once you’ve found your “ideal fit,” you’ll need to consider your lifestyle; casual or career. Clothing reflects your identity. Age-appropriate clothing conveys confidence and professionalism. It is best to take an aspect of contemporary fashion and make it your own so that it fits your lifestyle and personality. Always go with your instinct.

Start with a few basic colors like black, khaki and denim. These will become the foundation pieces that you reach for when standing in front of your closet. Pick basics that fit well and help you to achieve the look you are striving for. Basics provide versatility to take you from weekend to work place. Watch your hemline, and tailor the length of your garment to what suits your proportions. Pay attention to the quality of fabric and construction of these garments, because these basic pieces should wear well and continue to look great over time.


A classic black outfit should include slacks, jacket, skirt, dress, shoes, heels, stockings and one or two white tops. Black and white present a dramatic impact and are always elegant.

Keep your neutral palette simple by adding a pair of khaki slacks, skirt, jacket or sweater with coordinating tops that are also denim-friendly. The khaki shade flatters every skin tone and pairs well with neutrals, brights, blacks and whites.

The denim basics include a pair of jeans that fit well, skirt, shorts, and jacket. Pair denim basics with colorful tops that also work with your khaki basics. Then, add fun socks, sneakers or sandals to complete your outfit.

You can vary the amount of basics based on your budget, space, needs and desired appearance.  Once you’ve collected your basics, you will want to experiment with adding color and prints into your outfit. Adding a rich jewel tone piece is a fantastic way to tip toe in with confidence. A bold print in vibrant color may become the star of your outfits. If you are uncomfortable about mixing patterns, just pair them with black or white. If a garment feels “right” for you, don’t be afraid to wear it often. Own your look with confidence!

Another wonderful way to revamp your wardrobe is to add accessories like necklaces, scarfs, earrings, bracelets, and smart-looking handbags. The accessories you choose, along with the way you style your hair, will dress these outfits up or down based on the occasion.

Just for fun, consider buying some inexpensive, current fashion pieces. Mix these pieces with your basics to keep your outfits looking fresh and fashionable so that you are ready for every occasion.

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