Saturday Morning Fever

This last weekend we here at Cedar Creek spent Saturday morning cheering on runners  at the Ruby Mountain Relay 1/2 Marathon in Lamoille.  As the runners closed in on mile 5 they were greeted by Saturday Morning Fever! Flags and words of encouragement line the road, beaconing runners to the water station. Image

Just around the bend was a sight to see.  The Cedar Creek water station the grooviest spot of the whole 13.1 miles. Image

There standing in the distance were three groovy characters Duane Jones, Brandon Hicks and little Ennis.  With the light of the disco ball, they boogied to the sound of Disco Funk “Let’s groove tonight, Share the spice of life…”  Image


What a party celebrating the beauty of nature and a good run!! Sending a big thanks to everyone who joined in on the fun of disco mania at mile 5!


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One Response to Saturday Morning Fever

  1. Zackman says:

    Who’s the dude that won’t back out, when there’s trouble all about? Duane, That’s right, can you dig it? Who says disco is dead!

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