Cedar Creek Clothing Co.

Cedar Creek Clothing Co. is a locally owned outdoor specialty store located in Historic Downtown Elko.  We are your source for traditional outdoor clothing lines plus exciting new outdoor products. Along with casual apparel we offer a fabulous array of sunglass styles. For those active in the outdoors we carry a full line of backpacking and technical rock climbing gear. Cedar Creek provides the community with a full service Ski shop. In addition, we rent tuxedos and custom order High School Letterman Jackets.  Our diversity of products and services provide an appealing shopping experience for everyone. Expect to find gracious hospitality when you visit Cedar Creek Clothing Co.

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One Response to Cedar Creek Clothing Co.

  1. Jack Thompson says:

    C to the fourth power is what Cedar Creek Clothing Company is all about…Sales, Service, Selection and Solutions brought to you for your shopping experience…<3 and a 5 star rating…
    All my shopping experiences at CCCC have been great…Jack of Sandy…

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